Quests and Story


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Quests are a special set of tasks you need to complete to progress the story. There are main quests and side quests, main quests are mandatory for the main plot line, while side quests are optional. Even though side quests are optional, they probably unlock useful rewards too, so don't skip ono all of them.

The Golden Path

The Golden Path is the main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy. It leads the player from learning the most basic of magic in classes to their discovery of their unique ability to wield ancient magic. All these necessary acquired skills will enable them to thwart Victor Rookwood and his criminal gang and stop the goblin rebellion that threatens Hogwarts.

You'll team up with Professor Fig to unravel a dangerous mystery, and soon find yourself caught up in the midst of the Ranrok Goblin rebellion and the machinations of Victor Rookwood.

As you navigate the challenges of starting in fifth year and catching up on all the spells, potion brewing, and other lessons you've missed, you'll have the opportunity to shape your own wizarding journey. Will you become a powerful wizard or a masterful witch, the choice is yours but the stakes are high.

Side Missions

Side missions in Hogwarts Legacy help define the player's character as a wizard. These missions inspire the players to investigate locations, retrieve magical artifacts, learn secrets of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, and help fellow students solve personal dilemmas. The side missions tend to be more open-ended than the main storyline and offer players the opportunity to choose how they want to interact with the game world.

These missions are designed with a focus on player agency, allowing players to express themselves through choices when completing the missions. The side missions are more open-ended and have fewer narrative beats than the main storyline, so they allow players to have more freedom in their actions. Players have the opportunity to choose if they want to be friendly and helpful or to be a bit naughty, and as they move away from Hogwarts, this expression can come down to being downright evil, and characters will remember and talk about the choices the player makes in these missions.

Class Assignments

These assignments encourage players to explore the castle and the Highlands to find, collect, and battle where needed. The development team sought a balance between which spells they wanted to use in the main storyline (Golden Path) and which spells would be optional. The team tried to hit narrative and gameplay beats where the player would understand certain gameplay and narrative concepts at a certain point in the story.

In order to ensure that the player understands the basics of combat and shields in the game, the team decided that certain spells would be mandatory for the players to learn. These spells include Incendio, Levioso, and Accio which are essential for encounters during combat. Levioso is tied to the Defence Against the Dark Arts class, and Accio is learned in Charms class.

Main Quests


Side Quests