Enemies: Dark Wizards and Creatures


Inferi ready to attack
Inferi ready to attack

Enemies refer to a group of magical creatures that are considered dangerous, malevolent or evil by the wizarding society. These creatures are often associated with the Dark Arts, a branch of magic that is used for harmful or malevolent purposes.

Contrary to other Magical Beasts, these creatures can likely not be rescued or tamed.

Enemies of a higher level than you will be harder to defeat

Known Enemies

known enemies
nameclassdropsgear traits
Thornback ShooterSpiderSpider FangAnti Venom
Thornback HatchlingSpiderAnti Venom
Venomous ScurriourSpiderAnti Venom
Venomous HatchlingSpiderAnti Venom
Venomous ShooterSpiderAnti Venom
Venomous MatriarchSpiderAnti Venom
Thornback ScurriourSpiderSpider FangAnti Venom
Thornback AmbusherSpiderAnti Venom
Thornback MatriarchSpiderAnti Venom
Loyalist RangerGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Ogbert the OddGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Loyalist CommanderGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Loyalist SentinelGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Loyalist WarriorGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Loyalist AssassinGoblinGoblin-Silver Resistance
Great Spined DugbogDugbogDugbog TongueAmphibial Protection
Cottongrass DugbogDugbogDugbog TongueAmphibial Protection
Ashwinder ScoutDark WizardProtego Shielding
Ashwinder AssassinDark WizardProtego Shielding
Ashwinder RangerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Ashwinder DuellistDark WizardProtego Shielding
Ashwinder SoldierDark WizardProtego Shielding
Ashwinder ExecutionerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher DuellistDark WizardProtego Shielding
Iona MorganDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher TrackerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher RangerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher ExecutionerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher AnimagusDark WizardProtego Shielding
Poacher StalkerDark WizardProtego Shielding
Mountain TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
Armoured TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
Forest TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
River TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
Quagmire TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
Fortified TrollTrollTroll BogeysCushioning
Dark MongrelMongrelMongrel FurLupus Protection
The GrimMongrelMongrel FurLupus Protection
The White WolfMongrelMongrel FurLupus Protection
InferiusInferiusStench of DeathNecromantic Protection
Pensive GuardianGuardian
Pensive SentryGuardian
Pensive SentinelGuardian
Pensive ProtectorGuardian