Traits: Effects & Bonuses


Traits are special properties that can be added to particular gear. Using the Loom, you can add these traits if the item has an open trait slotAdding traits will cost a certain amount of materials, level 1 traits cost 1 Puffskein Fur, level 2 traits cost 1 Diricrawl Feather, and level 3 traits cost 1 Kneazle Fur

We can assume that traits will come in different forms of rarity and power, using the same color and rarity scheme as gear.

New traits can be collected from Bandit Camps
Protego ShieldingDecreases damage taken from Dark Wizard
Amphibial ProtectionDecreases damage taken from Dugbog
Goblin-Silver ResistanceDecreases damage taken from Goblin
Necromantic ProtectionDecreases damage taken from Inferius
Anti VenomDecreases damage taken from Spider
CushioningDecreases damage taken from Troll
Lupus ProtectionDecreases damage taken from Mongrel
Ancient Magic FocusIncreases Ancient Magic Meter fill rate
Ancient MagicIncreases damage with Ancient Magic
ControlIncreases damage with Ancient Magic Throw
DeafeningIncreases damage with Mandrake
FangsIncreases damage with Chinese Chomping Cabbage
VenomIncreases damage with Venomous Tentacula
HerbologyIncreases damage by all plants
ConcentrationIncreases damage of all Damage spells
ScorchingIncreases damage with Incendio
ExplosiveIncreases damage with Bombarda
DestructionIncreases damage with Confringo
CrueltyIncreases damage with Crucio
LacerationIncreases damage with Diffindo
DisarmingIncreases damage with Expelliarmus
ManipulationIncreases damage of Imperio tagrets
BindingIncreases damage with Petrificus Totalus
UnforgivableIncreases damage dealt to cursed targets
AmbushIncreases spell damage while concealed by Disillusionment