Magical Beasts


Beasts are creatures that you can encounter outside of the walls of Hogwarts. These beast are a main source of crafting materials and possible also experience.

These beasts can be rescued and stored in your Vivarium. Here you can feed and play with your animals, but also breed animales to get offspring. Beasts that are well-tended for, will most likely produce these materials.

How to Rescue beasts

Most beast you will encounter in Beast Dens, however some beasts will also be unlocked through quests and challenges. Beast Dens can be located on the map by navigating to a paw icon. These beasts are under constant threat of poachers, rescue them from these enemies and provide a safe haven for them in your Vivarium.

Will there be mounts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Some beast will also be able to be tamed and mounted. Currently we only know of the Hippogriffs,Thestrals, and Graphorns as mounts. These mounts should provide a different travel experience than using a broom, possible mounts will be better for long distance travel.

What beasts are in Hogwarts Legacy?

The following beasts were spotted in the gameplay footage.

Can you get a dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?

It is highly likely that Dragons will exist in Hogwarts Legacy, it is however not clear if they will be tameable and if we will be able to collect them.