Gear: Upgrading & Augmenting


Gear in Hogwarts Legacy are special wearable items that increase your defensive or offensive capabilities. Using the Identification Station, you can identify new gear. Gear comes in different tiers of rarity, currently we know of superb, extraordinary, and legendary.

upgrade gear interface

Using the Loom, you can upgrade gear to increase its offensive or defensive stats. Upgrading your gear will cost a certain amount of materials. You can upgrade each item 3 times!

You can also use the Loom to add traits to your gear. This will also cost you materials, and you can add traits whenever the item has a free trait slot. It is unknown if you can remove traits, or if some items can have multiple traits.

Gear Rarities

nameraritytrait level
Well-Appointed Gearuncommon-
Superb Gearsuperb1
Extraordinary Gearextraordinary2
Legendary Gearlegendary3