Modes of Transportation


In the Hogwarts Legacy game you have many possibilities concerning movements and transportation.

Your basic movements

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Swimming; by just walking into the water, your avatar will start to swim. Did you know you can only reach some hidden locations by swimming?

Quick Travel

Floo Flames

Example of Floo Flame point

The Floo Flames allows wizards and witches to travel through the Floo Network, a system of fires linked throughout the wizarding world. Floo Flame travel will allow you to quickly travel from one place to the other using the map. However, you do need to have found them on location first to have unlocked it on the map.

Broom Flight

This is the most common mode of transportation for witches and wizards. Brooms are enchanted to allow the rider to fly and can be controlled through various charms and spells. A benefit of using your broom is that you can upgrade them in f.e. speed by adding certain feats to it. You will need to purchase these upgrades at the Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade using galleons.

Broom Flight turbo meter

Keep in mind, that the higher you fly with your broom, the lower your turbo meter and thus the slower you will go. If you fly lower, your turbo meter will go up and you fly faster.


Some Beasts you will be able to tame and mount as a way of transportation. We know currently of 3 mountable beasts: Hippogriff, Thestral, and Graphorn.